The Rag Company - LIQUID8R Drying Towel

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We Get it. You want a drying towel that FEELS substantial and ABSORBS everything it touches. A simple ask, but you know we had to put our own TWIST on things! This Twist Loop Drying Towel has the “flop” and satisfying weight that many people love in drying towels (1100gsm!). The idea behind the Liquid8r was to create an affordable Premium Drying Towel that could be appreciated by Car Enthusiasts and Professionals EVERYWHERE! Everyone has a preference when it comes to drying towels, but the Liquid8r is our recommendation for anyone new to Microfiber Drying towels. You got water? Let the Liquid8r make it DISAPPEAR!
  • Size: 63cm x 91cm & 50cm x 61cm
  • Blend: 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide
  • Weight: 1100 GSM
  • Border: Hemmed Hidden / Edgeless Design
  • Material: 100% Premium Split Microfiber