Soft99 - Rain Drop Bazooka 300ml

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Without worrying about multiple coating products, or material compatibility, Rain Drop allows coating the entire surface of the car – body, glass, plastic, chrome – all in one step, during drying. The bazooka-style trigger aerosol makes application ultra-fast, combining unprecedented convenience with a coating that protects paint for 3 months, and glass for 2 months.

Directions for Use:
* Before use, shake can up and down about 20 times.
1. Wash the vehicle to remove any dirt or dust.
2. Spray onto the wet body and glass, spraying for about 1 second per 1 ㎡ .
3. After spraying, immediately wipe up while spreading the foam around the surface with a microfiber or cotton towel. Wring out the towel regularly.
4. After wiping dry, leave to dry completely, 5 minutes in hot conditions, 20-30 minutes in winter.