Soft99 - Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier 400ml All Colours

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Just spray and wipe to freshen up your vehicle’s bodywork, removing light dust and dirt while applying a highly durable Fusso coating, cleaning and coating in one step! The wax coating is reinforced with fluoro polymers to enhance and extend hydrophobicity for up to 6 months. Perfect for maintaining Fusso Coat. 1 bottle will treat 5 mid-size vehicles.


* Before applying dirty vehicle, be sure to wash dirt off and dry to avoid scratches.

In cases of staining, use specialised cleaners 'Silicone Off'.

  • Shake well and switch nozzle to ON.
  • Spray surface of vehicle, 1 spray for every 30cm2 area.
  • Without allowing to dry, lightly wipe across the surface with a clean, dry towel.