Soft99 - Fusso Coat F7 300ml All Colours

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Fusso Coat F7 is a user-friendly coating agent that creates an impenetrable barrier against harmful substances like dirt, acid rain and UV rays. It can be used on all paint colors! Polymer-based formula allow the product to prevent dirt from gathering, while TSI (Top Shield Impervious) and WARP (Wipe Assistance Radical Power) technologies prolong the effect to up to 7 months! Enjoy strong water-repellency and long-lasting protection performed by the coating that has never before been so easy to apply!

1. Wash off any sand, dust and other dirt using pH neutral shampoo and dry completely.
2. Shake the bottle well.
3. Put the liquid on the yellow side of the included sponge and spread evenly in a thin layer.
4. Dry for 10-15 min and wipe it off with a clean and soft towel.