Gyeon - Q2 Trim Kit

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GYEON Q2 TRIM 30ml Kit

Gyeon Q2 Trim is a extremely long lasting quartz based coating developed specifically to enhance and protect exterior plastics & trim. Gyeon Q2 Trim utilises a alcohol free, rapidly condensing formula which allows for easy application that bonds to plastics at a molecular level to create a durable coating that simply cannot be matched by traditional nano, polymer or oil based formulas. 

Gyeon Q2 Trim rejuvenates faded, oxidised plastics to leave a natural satin, factory looking finish that doesn't wash off or streak down the paintwork at the first sign of rain. Because the formula of Gyeon Q2 Trim is based on the same SiO2 quartz coatings found within the rest of the Gyeon line it is naturally resistant to strong wash chemicals and extremely durable. Expect a coat to offer trim protection from the elements for up to 12 months. Like the other Gyeon coatings Gyeon Q2 Trim is also hydrophobic and as such very hydrophobic so washing and rain sheets the dirt of keeping the trim looking cleaner for longer whilst eliminating the need to apply other dressing during the time it's on. 

Kit Contains:

1 x Q2 TRIM 30ml
4 x Microsuede Applicator Cloths
1 x Applicator Block
1x Instruction Manual


  • Durability: 12months /15000 km
  • pH tolerance: pH 2-11
  • Thickness: 0,5qm
  • Contact angle: >80'
  • Coverage: 30ml / 5-10cars