Gyeon - Q2 Can Coat

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GYEON Q2 CanCoat is a new highly advanced spray coating, providing a full SiO2 based treatment with minimal effort. It works much more easily than most spray sealants and is a typical spray on - wipe off product packed in a can under pressure..... It adds magnificent gloss and a very deep shine. Most of all Gyeon Q2 Can Coat is a legitimate quartz coating, offering the best of its well known properties, like high self-cleaning abilities or outstanding shine. It's probably the easiest way to protect your car with an SiO2 coating without needing to apply it with classic applicators. It is chemical resistant as well! 

  • Gives a deep shine & looks great
  • Long lasting protection up to 12 months/15.000 km
  • Easy and fast application
  • Extremely hydrophobic self cleaning protection

The kit is presented in a colour box with two sprayers, a microfibre cloth and a 200ml bottle of CanCoat sealant.