Chemotion - Wheel Cleaner 400ml

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Wheel Cleaner is a safe product intended for cleaning aluminum, painted and steel rims. With its help, regular wheel care will be much easier. It can dissolve road dirt and carbon deposits from the braking system. Cyclic washing will prevent pitting and the accumulation of black deposits in hard-to-reach places. In such contaminated wheels, it might be necessary to use acid, and this would certainly not be the safest for the rims and the braking system. Wheel Cleaner is an alkaline agent that is the best solution for painted and steel wheels. This product comes in a concentrate. If you wash your car every 1-2 weeks, you can easily dilute up to 1:4.

Instructions for use:

Shake bottle before use. Apply to the contaminated surface. Scrub the rims with a brush or mitt. Wait about a minute to take effect. Rinse the surface with water. Repeat the process if necessary. For regular care, you can use a dilution of up to 1:5.