Chemotion - Quick Detailer 500ml

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Our Quick Detailer is one of the top products available on the market, designed to instantly refresh and protect paint. It is characterized by above-average ease of application, which will take only a few minutes for both specialists and beginners. There is no smearing effect when applying the product. It spreads evenly and evaporates quickly. Quick Detailer is more than just a regular QD for your paint. Its formula will bring out the real depth, give it shine and make the surface as slippery as ever. When it rains, you will be able to observe accelerated water discharge, which means your car will stay clean for longer. This product also prevents dirt and dust from sticking. The wonderful visual effect lasts up to 3-4 weeks after application. We are often asked what product to put on wax or ceramics? Our Quick Detailer does not contain any fillers or silicones. It can successfully constitute an additional protective barrier for your paint. It will extend the life of the previously applied protection layer and increase the visual and hydrophobic effect. Perfect for regular, everyday care or when preparing your car for sale. Efficiently removes dust or traces of bird droppings from the paint. The smell of fresh melon makes your work pleasant. Regardless of the conditions, this is the best and fastest way to achieve the wow effect.