Chemotion - All Purpose Cleaner 1lt

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APC is a multi-tasking alkaline surfactant intended for cleaning heavily dirty surfaces. It comes in a strong concentrate. It is intended primarily for cleaning fat, oil, grease, petroleum contamination and accumulated impurities. It is perfect as a product for washing the engine and all types of machines. Efficiently dissolves dirt deposited in wheel arches and tires. The lower parts of plastic elements, rubber and fabric mats are also not a problem for it. When slightly diluted, it can be used to remove thick layers of dirt from hard plastic elements. Another application is cleaning fabric upholstery. In difficult cases, we recommend using a dilution of 1:1 - 1:4. For lighter work, dilution up to 1:50 can be used.

Instructions for use:

Prepare a bottle with water. Very heavy contamination and engine washing 1:1 - 1:4. For less dirt, a suggested dilution of up to 1:50 is recommended. The values ​​provided are indicative and each case is individual. Try to find the highest possible dilution that will remove the dirt.