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Active Foam is our highly concentrated and extremely effective active foam for car pre-washing. You often wonder which foam to choose for washing, neutral or alkaline. The difference between these two is primarily in the strength of the implication. Our goal was to introduce foam that would deal with the top layer of dirt and really support proper washing using the two-bucket method. Active Foam is a slightly alkaline formula that effectively softens dirt at a concentration of 1:10 - 1:15 for PA foam machines. In the case of manual foam guns, you can use an even twice weaker solution of 1:20 - 1:30. It can also be used as a spray. After unscrewing the cap, you will feel a mix of fresh, juicy fruit, which will make working on car more pleasant. Thanks to our active foam, you will limit the formation of micro scratches when washing with a glove or sponge, and your car's paint will remain in excellent condition. 

This product does not weaken any previously applied products. 

Works great on cars protected with any ceramic coating.