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JetSeal is the ultimate long-lasting paint sealant that uses the latest aerospace technology to protect against the harshest elements while enhancing a brilliant glassy shine. 

Use This To:

  • Make contaminants slide off.
  • Protect daily driven vehicles.
  • Enhance high gloss shine on any paint color.
  • Provide durable protection for up to 1 year.
  • Make water slide right off.


- Pour a small amount onto applicator or microfiber pad and apply to entire vehicle in a thin, even coat. Jetseal109 will bond with clean paint surfaces within 15 minutes.

- Once removed allow 20 min. time and apply a second layer to assure even coverage.

- If you prefer, you can apply this product with your Dual Action polisher and a  finishing pad. Work at a speed no greater than 4 and do not apply pressure.

- Use a microfiber to buffing off.