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InstaWax is the fastest and easiest way to wax, shine, and protect any car. Simply spray on, let haze, then buff off to reveal a warm natural shine with durable sealant protection in just minutes! 

This is a liquid polymer wax with high-grade carnauba wax as well as reactive silicone sealants. In just 15 minutes you can wax your car and the results can last for up to 5 months. Amazingly for a quick wax spray, you’ll still get outstanding shine and protection with UVA and UVB absorbers that shield your paint from the sun.

The formula is quick drying, non streaking and easy to use- apply a thin coat, leave to haze then buff off. You can also use this on glass, chrome and hard rubber for extra lustre.

  • One step formula that cleans, waxes and polishes.
  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Specially formulated to give shine and protection for months.