Chemical Guys - Headlight Restorer & Protectant

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Headlight Restorer is a professional-grade polish that removes dead and faded plastic to reveal the crystal-clear plastic underneath, then protects the surface against UV rays with a layer of sealant. Regularly using this polish reduces yellowing and oxidation build up from plastic headlights and keeps your lights bright and free from discoloration.

Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer & Protectant is a one step polish designed to both restore and protect plastic headlights in just one step and can be applied by both machine or by hand

  • Make headlights clean and clear again
  • Removes faded hazy look
  • Simply rub on and wipe off
  • Optical restorer and protectant
  • Works on all colors
  • No sanding required (but is optional)
  • Seals and protects against future sun damage
  • Blocks harmful UV rays that ruin plastic