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Chemical Guys Glossworkz shampoo is a slick pH neutral with no harmful ingredients means this shampoo won't harm any previous layers of wax.  It is designed to provide a fantastic high gloss finish to your cars paint after washing.  It brings life back to unwaxed cars and provides added durability to recently waxed cars.

1 cap per 20 litre Bucket is all your need to deliver an unmatched shine without stripping existing waxes or sealants.

  • Superior surface cleansing shampoo
  • Maximizes Gloss and Shine
  • Super slick formula to prevent scratches and swirl marks
  • pH-balanced and safe for wax and sealant coats
  • More lubricating agents for an even slicker wash
  • More gloss agents for extra shine
  • Refined hyper surfactants for stronger dirt removal
  • Thicker, more concentrated formula for extra cleaning power
  • Highly Concentrated (1 cap per 20 litre bucket)