Chemical Guys - All in One Polish & Sealant

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Chemical Guys V4 All In One Polish is an all-in-one scratch & swirl remover that delivers a mirror shine with durable protection in one step. V4 has enough cut to remove light imperfections, scratches and swirls, yet finishes like a fine polish. Chemical Guys V4 All In one Polish is therefore the ideal product where time is limited to both correct, refine and protect paintwork in one step. Chemical Guys V4 is formulated for a fast work time on any dual action or rotary polisher and it's water based formula is both body shop safe and OEM approved but can also be used by hand.

The innovative swirl remover restores a lustrous scratch-free finish permanently without filling in or covering up swirls or defects. V4 adds synthetic sealant technology to seal and protect the polished surface from environmental contamination, UV sunlight, birds, insects, and water spots. Chemical Guys V4 delivers a perfect finish is less time while being equally effective on single stage and clear coat paints.

  • One-step high gloss finish
  • Removes 2500 grit and finer scratches, swirls, water spots & other imperfections
  • Works on all colours
  • Premium synthetic sealant adds durable protection