AutoGlym - Polar Blast Snow Foam

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Wash swirls are the leading cause of paintwork looking dull and losing gloss. Typically, these are caused by larger particles of dirt and grit becoming caught in the wash mitt and being dragged across the paintwork. The safest option is to remove these particles prior to a wash mitt coming into contact with the paintwork.

Polar Blast Snow Foam is a high-foaming pre-cleaner that can be applied using a foam lance connected to a pressure washer or through a foam lance attached to a hose. The thick lather clings to surfaces, lifting contamination and allowing it to be easily rinsed away.

Features & Benefits:

  • High-foaming cleaner for pre-washing dirty vehicles
  • Helps protect paintwork from wash-induced swirls & scratches
  • Thick foam lifts dirt & grit away from car’s surfaces
  • pH-neutral formulation – safe for wax & sealant protection
  • Suitable for use with foam lance & pressure washer or foam gun & hose
  • Can be used instead of shampoo stage for lightly soiled vehicles

Directions for use:

  • Check vehicle panels & wheels are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight
  • Select dilution ratio depending on thickness of foam required, then adjust settings on foam lance / gun to increase or reduce foam. Initially, try 100ml Polar Blast to 500ml water.
  • Apply Polar Blast to the vehicle working from the bottom up ensuring all surfaces covered including glass & wheels
  • Allow up to 10 minutes for Polar Blast to dwell & loosen dirt. Do not allow to dry onto the vehicle
  • Rinse thoroughly working from the bottom up

Size: 2.5 Litres