AutoGlym - High Performance Tire Gel

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When developing a new tire gel, Autoglym asked customers what they wanted - and what they didn't want from a tire dressing. The survey found that most customers wanted a tire dressing that wouldn't sling off the tires onto the bodywork, a dressing that would last and that was easy to apply. 63% of customers wanted a high gloss shine that needed applying only once per week, during the usual weekly wash. High Performance Tyre Gel was formulated with these points in mind!

Features & Benefits:

  • Gel formulation to eliminate sling
  • Contains active silicone polymers for enhanced durability
  • Wipe on - eliminates overspray that occurs with spray-on dressings
  • High gloss finish can be rubbed down for a satin finish
  • Easy to apply with uniform coverage
  • Long-lasting, non-greasy finish
  • Pleasant fragrance makes it a pleasure to use

Directions for use:

  • Ensure tires are clean, dry and cool
  • Apply a small amount of dressing to an Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator
  • Work the dressing into the tire wall
  • Leave to dry for a high gloss finish
  • For a satin finish, buff immediately with a microfibre cloth