Auto Finesse - 1 Step Compound 500ml

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  •   One-Step to a flawless finish.
  •   Removes deep scratches & harsh swirl marks in one fell swoop.
  •   Refines paintwork for a flawless finish.
  •   Finishes down to a haze-free, liquid gloss finish.

The ultimate one step cutting compound with the cut level of a medium/coarse compound that finishes down to a near perfect finish. Developed specifically for use by dual action polisher, the one-step compound enables you to restore paintwork and remove swirls in one easy step.

One Step works by utilising active diminishing abrasives to cover a wider range of cut than a traditional compound. These abrasives are designed to break down as you work them through, starting as coarse/medium cutting particles and fracturing into smaller and smaller refining particles. This enables One Step to cycle through all the stages of compound cutting, polishing and refining without the need to change products (or pads) along the way. A real game changer for enthusiasts and professionals alike.