Auto Finesse - Mini Barrel Brush

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While it seems small this Mini Barrel Brush is sure to accomplish BIG things when it comes to wheel cleaning.

No job's too small and this is sure to become your preferred utility offering efficiency and making wheel cleaning effortless.

It can be extremely hard to find a product that has the perfect balance of being tough but gentle at the same time, but our new mini barrel brush takes away the hours of research and endless products and we’ve adapted this brush to offer consistent results to all areas of your wheel

Flexibility is key, and with this brush it can be easily bent and shaped to scrub around break callipers with ease, the inner wheel rim, and behind wheel spokes, as well as a soft grip handle making it easy to guide around the wheel.

The soft scratchless bristles are tough on dirt and grime but gentle on painted, powder coated and polished wheels.