Auto Finesse - Avalanche Snow Foam 1litre

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Avalanche Snow Foam forms a thick, creamy lather that loosens, lubricates and eradicates road grime prior to contact washing, removing the danger of spreading contaminates for the ultimate swirl free wash.  


For best results use Auto Finesse® Avalanche Snow Foam in conjunction with our pressure washer Foam Lance (Avalanche Snow Foams can also be used with a pump spray bottle or garden hose foam lance), to loosen and remove traffic film, and built-up road grime, prior to contact washing. Cover the vehicle from top to bottom and leave to sit for approximately 5 minutes. After sufficient dwelling time, jet-wash the product from the vehicle thoroughly, working from top to bottom.

Despite Avalanche’s high cleaning abilities, the solution is wax and sealant friendly, so it won’t remove or breakdown any protection you have previously applied. 

  • A citrus-infused, snow foam
  • Capable of removing traffic films and breaking down, grit and grime
  • Designed to linger on surfaces for longer
  • An essential stage to ensure a swirl-free wash
  • Removes the heaviest, gritty particulate without making any contact with the vehicle
  • A first stage pre-wash product, or for use after using a pre-cleaner
  • Uses specially-developed cleaning agents and advanced surfactants to pull contamination off of surfaces
  • Safe for use on all exterior surfaces
  • Use in conjunction with our Foam Lance