ARXP - BOX4 Pressure Washer 180Bar

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ARXP BOX4 is designed to offer maximum performance in the smallest space possible. Handling and design to improve usability and the entire user experience, making cleaning a more pleasant activity. Despite its small size, inside this pressure washer there is a high-performance motor and pump, with innovative and patented technologies.
An innovative pressure washer in every detail, space-saving and organized. The ARXP BOX4 180DSS pressure washer was designed with two internal compartments dedicated to accessories, so that everything has its place and is easily accessible during use. Storage is tidy and the entire pressure washer is compact and easily transportable.

High pressure washer equipped with Dual Speed System , it can be used in two modes:
• FAST : Full power, with a pressure of 180 bar and a flow rate of up to 500 l/h
• ECO : For situations where strength is not essential, it reduces the power of the motor and pump allowing for water and energy savings of up to 30 %.

-Max pressure (bar) 180

-Max flow rate (l/h) 500

-Dimensions: 25.8 x 27.2 x 35.7 cm  

-Max inlet water temperature (°C) 50