Aenso - Aquila Wet Coat

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Aenso Aquila Wet Coat 500ml


Aquila is a blend of polymers providing hydrophobic protection on the surface of vehicles. When sprayed on a wet surface after a wash, it will rapidly spread on the surface and form a protective layer with several weeks durability. Aquila can be applied to all common surfaces on a vehicle’s exterior – paint, glass, plastics and rubber. It is not suitable for the protection of softtops and cabrios.


Wash the vehicle with Aensō One (or any good shampoo with no added active ingredients like waxes and sillicones). After the final rinse down, spray a few sprays of Aquila evenly on all surfaces. Wait for one minute and wash down with a pressure washer. Do not leave to dry on the surface. Do not use in direct sunlight or on excessively hot surfaces.